Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 16-1

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I am preparing for my committee meeting next month and there are still many experiments to go (Since there are so many of them failed these couple months, I just realised that I am two months behind my schedule). So, my time to translate and blogging will be more limited. I really hope that it won’t affect the chapter releases. But if it does, well, at least, you know that I am probably running around in the lab, trying to make things work :). Wish me luck 😛



This chapter was edited by Lynn 🙂

Warning: It is going to be another cliffhanger! Read it at your own risk! (You’ve been warned! 🙂 )


“It is her?!”

That strange mysterious woman who appeared inside the rainforest.

She was also flowing in the water. Could it be that she was one of the rebels? Or was it like Han Shu said, she was the rebels’ head’s mistress? Gu Yun’s eyes firmly locked on her. That woman seemed to be sensitive to her gaze and quickly looked in Gu Yun’s direction. Their gazes encountered, and their eyes locked in a fierce glare.

The beauty’s face showed a calm and cold expression, not revealing the slightest panic and just steady chill filled with murderous intention. In the waves, her body moved with agility and her action were ‘neat’. Everything around her seemed to be within her reach. Gu Yun was sure, such a unique woman was not an easy opponent. However, she couldn’t just let her escape like this.

Looking down at the current, the torrent had passed and the water depth was less than two meters. The current was gradually slowing down. Her swimming skill was not bad; she should be able to travel through. Looking at the woman’s speed from upstream, Gu Yun would be just in time to encounter her.

After doing an assessment in her mind, Gu Yun concluded that the action was feasible. With Bing Lian hanging on her waist, she was ready to jump into the water. Her feet were yet to take off when someone put pressure on her shoulder. Su Ling growled beside her, “What are you doing?”

“Let me go! I cannot let the woman run away.” Gu Yun wanted to push Su Ling’s hand; since his strength was big, she couldn’t move. Yet, she didn’t have time to properly explain the situation. If she didn’t go now, it would be too late to block the woman!

Su Ling followed Gu Yun’s eyes direction. Easily, he noted the green figure in the water. It was a slender dazzling woman with cold temperament. She must be the mysterious person who Qing Mo encountered in the forest. Su Ling’s eagle eyes carefully observed. Just as Gu Yun was impatient, she felt her shoulder was lightly tapped. Once again, she heard Su Ling saying, “I will do it.”

Not waiting for Gu Yun’s reply, Su Ling flew. A tall dark red figure passed in front of Gu Yun’s eyes, making her regain her thought: He had a wound on his shoulder, he could not be soaked!

At first, Gu Yun’s heart was put high up to the sky. The next moment, it fell down to the ground. She felt like an idiot. Unlike her, that person knew Qinggong. If it was her, she would dive into the water to intercept the green figure. Using a big tree in the forest as footing/springboard, within several jumps, Su Ling had reached the big trunk above the woman in green.

Proudly standing on the branch, Su Ling who wore a dark red attire shone by the sunlight through the leaves. It showed his hard expressionless face and cold dark eyes which could scare ordinary people away. That woman’s heart tightened, it had been 5 years, and finally, they meet again.

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  2. thank you—!
    oh, well, su ling went to meet the woman…i was looking forward to gu yun meeting her, lol. wait, what—-! the woman had a connection to su ling?!


  3. Nutty, thanks a million for picking up this project. Gu Yun is my favorite C-novel heroine, and I’m glad I get to read about her being awesome.

    I also gotta say, to be a science grad student and still be able to manage your time effectively enough to take a translation project is nothing short of amazing. As a fellow science grad student, I super respect you!

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  4. Thanks for the chapter!

    She might be the rebell leader.. hihi, that would teach them, asuming that she is just a weak woman and have to be someones, humph!


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