A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-8

He didn’t suspect that it was clearly written on his face.

His eyes didn’t look anywhere else but her right chest. He was not like that before. In addition, he vanished for couple days and on the day of his return, Su Ling went to bother her. If it was not him, who it would be! He thought everybody was an idiot?!

Mu Yi suspected Gu Yun would not answer him and would only vent her anger to him. The strange thing was she just looked at him and coldly turned away, going into the tent. It looked like he couldn’t exercise his muscles tonight. He was a bit lost.

The next day at the dawn time, Mu Yi was lying in the tent, resting. Light footsteps ran towards his tent. The ordinary Su soldier wouldn’t be walking this careful. Who would that be? Mu Yi opened his eyes and gently put aside the drapery. He saw Gu Yun’s shadow run into the rainforest behind the camp at breakneck speed.

Where did she want to go? What did she want to do? There were too many mysteries surrounding her. Even he couldn’t find out where her ability came from. Mu Yi was really curious about her. Hesitating for a moment, he did the second idiotic and tragic decision: he followed her.

Gu Yun was quick. Inside the forest, she chose a path which had weeds and bushes around. The path on her right was better. Clearly for a person who liked to stay clean like him, he would unhesitatingly choose the right path.

“Poof…” After a period of chasing, upon hearing a muffled sound, Gu Yun quickly stopped.

Her mouth was decorated with a very gentle smile. Gu Yun slowly turned around. Her ‘prey’ obediently fell into mud pool that she prepared last night.

Her footsteps lightly went back, facing glaring eyes who wanted to skin her. Gu Yun’s mood was surprisingly good, she laughed with glee. “What a coincidence, you were also doing your early exercise this early morning, ah?! Only… What kind of martial arts are you practicing?”

Squinting at Mu Yi’s feet that were deeply buried in the thick mud. Gu Yun’s performance at this time could make people anger to death.

With his pair of feet buried in the stinking black and yellow mud from time to time, every hair follicle on Mu Yi’s body stood up! Clenching his fist until the veins were showing, his head was covered in cold sweat.

Gu Yun was satisfied with his ‘living like hell’ performance. Adding an insult again, Gu Yun laughed, “The air was really hot. I think I will return to take a comfortable clean cold bath to refresh. I won’t bother you anymore. Please slowly practice!”

Comfortable and clean. She emphasized on these two words. Mu Yi’s face turned (as she wished) from white to red, and then from red to black.

Gu Yun turned around to return. The stilled man finally shouted, “Stop!”


5 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-8

  1. thanks!
    …’clearly written on with face’,rofl! gu yun’s purposely baiting him! wah—! he followed her again, ahaha! ah— revenge is sweet! especially since it’s not serious, lol! suffer, mu yi—-!
    i’m happy at mu yi’s suffering, but i actually like mu yi a lot as a character, just that i don’t approve of some of his actions!

    Liked by 1 person

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