A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-7

After Su Ling angrily left, Mu Yi stared at Gu Yun’s tent direction for a long time. After a while, Gu Yun also came out of the tent. Her face blushed uncontrollably. However, there was burning anger in her clear eyes. He didn’t know whether the blush on her face was due to anger or shyness. At that moment, Mu Yi did something that later on he considered an idiotic and tragic decision: he followed her.

With a hand on the waist, Gu Yun slightly looked up, staring at the innocent moonlight in the sky, trying to use sailing night breeze to calm her anger. Her heart was uncomfortable since there was no one to vent her anger to. At this time, a low laugh was heard behind her, “The moonlight is not bad tonight. Did Miss Qing also come to admire the moon?”

Gu Yun didn’t look back. Her fists were tightened. She coldly replied, “I’m not in the mood to speak crap with you. It’s better for you to stay away.”

He clearly saw her rage-filled aura, emitting out of her body. Yet, he openly laughed, “Really? What a coincidence! Su Ling just said that too. Both of you are so understanding of each other.”

He just finished replying, when two stones – a small and a big one- were thrown at him. Mu Yi raised his brow and quickly dodged them. The stones hit a big tree behind him, leaving a big indentation on the tree!

Mu Yi thought it was funny. What did Su Ling exactly do for this Miss Qing to be this violent? His eyes unconsciously drifted to Gu Yun’s right chest. Recalling Su Ling’s strange red face, he could guess that both of them haven’t had intimate relations!

Mu Yi secretly speculated when Gu Yun suddenly growled, “It was you!”

“What?” Mu Yi baffled.

Approaching Mu Yi step by step, she glared at Mu Yi’s enchantress face. Gu Yun slowly said, “It was you who told Su Ling that there was a word on my chest.”

Mu Yi was slightly stunned. He neither denied nor admitted it, instead, he laughed, “How come you think such a thing?”

“You disappeared for few days to investigate my background. In addition, once you came back, you taught Su Ling to make me angry. Your aim is to see ‘drama’.” Those twos were standing close to each other. Gu Yun’s words became ‘gentler’ as she got angrier. If it was not because of that pair of shooting eyes, Mu Yi would’ve thought that she wanted to seduce him.

Estimating that Gu Yun was ready to fight anytime, Mu Yi laughed out loud, “You almost guessed everything right. How exactly did you know?” He was curious. Su Ling that harder-than-a-rock man would definitely not tell her. He didn’t tell anyone that news to anyone except Su Ling. How could she know it was him and not anyone else?


5 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-7

  1. thanks!
    oh—- nice! we finally know what happened that night! kekeke! well…after the whole ‘checking’ incident, i mean!
    mu yi…you followed gu yun? you sure have confidence in yourself, huh?
    lol, using her detective skills, gu yun was able to tell that it was mu yi who had ‘egged’ su ling on…i have no pity for you, mu yi! suffer for what you did—-!

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