A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-6

Su Ren carefully glanced over Su Ling. It looked like he didn’t care about where Qing Mo is going. He faced Yu Shi Jun and said, “Line up the army, at Wei hour (1pm-3pm), we are going to dispatch.”


Ugh, originally their relationship was not very good. However, now it was useless to even discuss it. What exactly happened last night? Probably Mu Yi knew. Speaking of him, where exactly is Mu Yi?

Gu Yun’s lips twitch slightly, forming a very unobvious smile.


Bright sunlight shone through the air. Big tall trees provided shades like giant green umbrellas. Faint fragrant greens surrounded the trees. From time to time, the sounds of insects and birds could be heard. A summer day under those shades would be quite pleasant. Of course… if a caterpillar didn’t fall from time to time from the tree on his head, the air wasn’t so hot and his feet weren’t submerged in a dirty pool of mud, Mu Yi would feel comfortable okay!

Qing Mo, that small intestine soup (N’s note: I think it is a curse slang, but I have no idea what is the meaning, so I just translated it literally)! Her action was ruthless! She couldn’t separate good intentions from evil intention!

A red shadow faintly shook in the mud pool from time to time, stiffly standing there. The thick mud had reached his knee. He was very very slowly sinking. It had been an hour, but he only sank an inch. It was not a big mud pool, it definitely couldn’t drown him, but it would stubbornly keep him here. Although his martial art skill was quite good, but there was no tree branch beside him that could be used as his support. If he really wanted to get out, there would only be one solution, which was… crawling. That kind of method made it possible for him to reach the big stone beside him. However, his body would be immersed into this dirt, making his entire body covered with the foul smelling mud over and over again!

Just imagining the sticky mud covering his body gave him nausea. It was disgusting!

The bright red clothes contrasted with the black and yellow mud. At this time, Mu Yi regretted his weak stomach. He shouldn’t have provoked that sinister and stingy woman last night! Was Su Ling ‘eating her tofu’ (means: taking advantage of her) his business? If she wanted to vent her anger it should be with Su Ling not to him! Really out of target!

Speaking of this, last night…


10 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-6

  1. thanks a lot!
    -evil laughter- yes, let that mu yi suffer! how dare he—! the blame is on him, ok?!
    -claps happily- great job, gu yun, making mu yi suffer! wahaha—-!

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  3. ROFL I can imagine the scene where he is looking through the forest looking elegant and then the camera zooms out to show him slowly sinking into a bog XD


  4. The curse from mu yi to gy “small intestine soup” i think it means piss ant. They are little and hard to see but are very annoying and they bit. But he got what was coming to him lol.


  5. Eating her Tofu… My… That sounded a little filthier that actually just saying he took advantage of her. ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ)


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