A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-5

Just as Yu Shi Jun was trying hard to explain, the curtains were abruptly opened. The event’s protagonist, Gu Yun, came in. Several pairs of eyes were staring at her attire. Gu Yun icily looked at Su Ling and looked away quickly, pretending she didn’t see anything. This made Su Ling unconsciously wrinkle his brow.

Gu Yun walked to Su Ren. Su Ren smiled to greet her, “Sister-in-law…”

“Shut up!” A roar was echoing inside the tent, perplexing some people, “Don’t ever call me sister-in-law or madam in the future. Whoever call me those, I will split them apart!”

Gu Yun was still securely sitting beside Su Ren. That violent sound was really in contrast with her calm demeanor. In addition, Su Ling’s complex expression made several men wonder in doubt, ‘What exactly did the general do to her last night.’

Gu Yun’s appearance in the tent didn’t lighten up the weird atmosphere. Instead, it made it tenser. They didn’t know whether they should speak, shut up or even better… vanish.

“Reporting, Old General Lou has arrived.” The brief reporting sound made those people extremely happy, they almost couldn’t help themselves to cheer out loud. Su Ren quickly replied, “Quickly let him in.”

Lou Mu Hai opened the curtain. Seeing everyone had arrived, he smiled, “Everyone is really punctual, this old one hasn’t come late, right?”

“No, No, Just in time! Just in time!” Su Ren and Han Shu got up at the same time, looking really happy. “Old General Lou, please take a seat!”

Lou Mu Hai was confused. Why were Commander Su and Vanguard Han so affectionate to him? Finally, he felt the atmosphere was not right.

Su Ling asked, “Old General Lou, has everything been prepared?”

Su Ling’s question made Lou Mu Hai didn’t think about the strange atmosphere. He brightly smiled, “All the fuel and Sulphur from Pei City and its surroundings has been transported here. Burning a small piece of the forest will be quite easy.”

Pointing at the water map, Su Ling once again explained about the battle plans, “Since things are ready, according to our discussion last night, Vice-General Yu will lead 5,000 elites entering the forest via this entry, opening the route for us. Just keep going in the formation. At the same time setting up the fire, I will be leading 15,000 elites to surround the hideout with fire. Su Ren, Han Shu, both of you lead 5,000 soldiers to block these four routes. Regardless of what happens, don’t let any rebel take the gold away. Once the gold is found, immediately split and ship it out to the East and South.” After they came down to business, the three people simultaneously become serious, listening attentively to Su Ling’s arrangement.

“Old General Lou, I have to trouble you to be ready outside the forest to receive the gold!”

Lou Mu Hai nodded, “No problem! Leave it to me.”

Gu Yun had been sitting there silently. Su Ling also didn’t arrange anything for her, so Su Ren asked, “Qing Mo, which troop do you want to join?”

Without even thinking, Gu Yun quickly replied, “I will join yours.”


6 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-5

  1. thank you—!
    i don’t blame gu yun, really! i’m going to blame mu yi for this! how dare he!
    …pitiful guys. yeah, you guys woud like to vanish, wouldn’t you? so funny how they wanted to cheer after the announcement of old general lou arriving! the men are so—- happy!ahaha!
    lol, gu yun decided to join su ren’s group! well, but su ling is injured, hm, hm—-

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