A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-4


The blazing sun shone outside the tent. The heat was pressing, but the atmosphere inside the tent was a little bit weird.

The hands of the doctor who was applying the medicine were uncontrollably shaking. He could only wish he could do it faster… as quickly as possible and escape this weird atmosphere. He was a little bit perplexed. The general’s wound was not big, but it was still deep and pierced through the shoulder. When he’d examined the wound, it had no longer been bleeding and had started to heal. However, within one night, it had split open again? Was it really like the rumor in the camp said? That the general and his wife had a ‘vigorous’ night, yesterday?!

Should he tell the general that his wound was quite bad so he should not do any strenuous exercises?

Under the general’s blading eyes, the commander-in-chief and others were lowering their heads, not daring to lift their heads. It was better for him not to mention it. Finally, the bandage was tightly in place. The doctor secretly sighed in relief and said, “General, the wound has been bandaged well. This subject asks to retreat.”

Su Ling waved his hand. The doctor quickly escaped from the tent.

Every head bowed until it almost reached the desk. Su Ling’s teeth were gritted, and he icily asked, “You really like to bow, don’t you?”

Just as he finished speaking, all those head quickly lifted up. However, the smile on their faces didn’t have enough time to disappear, they tried to suppress it with all their might.

*Cough* Han Shu coughed once to clear his throat, “General, You… are you still able to fight the enemy today?” Originally Han Shu had nothing to talk about so he tried to find something because he couldn’t stand the big man’s glare. Who knew that once he spoke up, the men in front of him immediately coughed violently and Su Ling’s face also immediately turned dark, as dark as the sky before the storm.

No, this atmosphere was not good. Big Brother could explode at any time. Su Ren quickly said, “It is almost noon now, how come sister-in-law hasn’t come yet? Let’s send a person to find out.”

Yu Shi Jun dumbly said, “It’s not urgent, Old General Lou hasn’t come too. She must be really tired, we just wait a little bit before summoning them.” Yesterday, the madam had been busy for the entire day, she must be really tired. After all, she was still a woman. When he spoke, he didn’t feel weird. However, once he saw Su Ren’s and Han Shu’s admiring eyes which could be deciphered as ‘You really are not afraid of death’, he quickly thought of the madam’s roar last night. Yu Shi Jun suddenly perspired cold sweat. Tensely turning around to Su Ling, Yu Shi Jun quickly said, “I, I don’t mean anything! General, what I really wanted to say, I don’t really want to say…” The fists of the general were so tight. Don’t say he (general) wants to beat him (Yu Shi Jun)! Those iron fists of general, he wouldn’t be able to stop it!


7 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-4

  1. thank you very much!
    -hugs chapter- all my yes! now the chapter’s just missing gu yun—!
    lol, so hilarious! these poor guys! but they are seeing an a using scene,certainly! poor doctor and yu shi jun, though!


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