A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-3

Listening to hidden meaning in Mu Cang’s word, Yu Xiang quickly replied, “Chief, you are good at joking. Of course, Empress Dowager didn’t have this intention. Speaking the truth, everyone outside only knows you by your name and never seen you in person. As long as you find a suitable person to masquerade, it will be sufficient to defeat Luo Xi Yan.” The Empress Dowager also was afraid that Mu Cang would change his side at the time, giving her trouble. After all, it was the empress dowager’s idea to steal the gold.

Mu Cang didn’t reply for a moment. Once again, he waved his hand at the young man. The young man walked to Yu Xiang’s side and lightly smiled, “Official Yu must be tired. How about taking a break to drink the water then we can discuss again?”

In his heart, Yu Xiang knew Mu Cang wanted to send him away to take some time to think. This proved that Mu Cang was considering his offer. Facing Mu Cang, Yu Xiang politely smiled, “Good, I will wait for Chief’s good news.”

As Yu Xiang figure disappeared into the caves, a tired sound asked, “What do you guys think?”

Wu Ji bent down to pick the confidential letter, skimming through its content and whispered, “Truthfully speaking, the Empress Dowager’s proposed method is not bad.”

Snatching the confidential letter, Yan Ge glanced over it. However, contrary to Wu Ji’s, he strongly opposed it, “Looking at any direction, I don’t see any benefit. We were the one who transported the gold. With this gold, our people will not have to plunder anymore for years. We already possess the swords and arrows. Although Su Ling is not an easy opponent, we don’t know whether we will lose. The gold is on our hand now, however, I think about it this method is not worth it!”

Yan Ge was just finished his sentence, when the usually calm Wu Ji shouted, “They want to use fire and roast the forest! This forest was not only the habitat of countless lives, more importantly, it is our family clan’s root. Our patriarchs were buried here. Their souls remain here. How can gold be compared to our home!” He couldn’t forget the fire ten years ago. It remained for 5 days and nights. The sky looked bloody red. The air filled with burning suffocating smells.

Wu Ji knelt on one knee. One of his hand cupped the other hand’s fist (sign of respect) and seriously said, “Please re-think about it, Chief!”

Wu Ji had said things to this point. Yan Ge couldn’t continue to persist, kneeling while saying, “Please re-think about it, Chief!”

The high-status person slowly got up, stepping down the steps one by one. His eyes looked profound and sly, “We can give the gold to them, but… we cannot let them pay so lightly! For Yang ZhiLan, we can help her once. However, she isn’t someone who really keeps her words. Wanting to frame Lou XiYang is her problem. Whether she succeeds or not will depend on her intelligence.”

Following his slow steps, a black robe slightly revealed a bright green light across the wrist which disappear quickly under the robes.


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