A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-2

Yu Xiang looked at Yan Ge’s ignorant face and sighed, “Su Ling has fought in the war for so many years, undefeated. His reputation is not false. The emperor has decreed a ‘death order’ (death order means the order that you must obey or else you die). The gold must be taken back. Even if you are unwilling to return it, the result will be the same.”

Who knew that Yan Ge wouldn’t give up and laughed hard, “However good Su Ling is, he is now still trapped outside the forest! Even if he dares to come in, that will be only himself without his troop. Well, if he really comes, this time, we can let him ‘taste’ a defeat!” Fighting one on one with Su Ling, Yan Ge must admit that Su Ling was indeed a difficult opponent. However, what was the use of one good fighter? His troops were as vulnerable as chicks inside the forest! The great mighty undefeated general had been ushered out by them.

Yu Xiang felt it was funny and asked, “Su Ling is still a high-standing general! Su Army has 300,000 man-force, how about you? Now he only deployed 30,000 and you’ve been struggling. He’s determined to get that gold back! If you want to sacrifice your tribemates and this forest… I’ve got nothing to say.”

Wu Ji who had been quiet for all the time asked, “What do you mean?”

Did he begin to worry? Yu Xiang’s eyes glowed with happiness but his face had a touch of sadness. Yu Xiang said, “As far as I know, all the fuel and Sulphur in Pei City have been bought off. What do you think Su Ling is up to? They have run out of patience. Su Ling wants the gold at any cost. If you listen to Empress Dowager’s arrangement, Empress Dowager will do anything in her power to help you escape this fire disaster.”

Su Ling wanted to burn the entire mountain?! Years ago, deceased Emperor Qiong Xue sent the troops to suppress the rebels, they had tried using this trick but failed due to heavy rain and high humidity. They couldn’t find the tribe’s hideout, hence, they used fuel. The trees in the forest grew quickly, as long as there’s rain after the fire, they would grow again after a couple of days (Translator’s note: no science behind it!). At the end, they gave up this method.

However, this part of the forest was left to them by their ancestors. Even if it was burned for few days, it would still make the patriarch ashamed. Su Ling was a calculated person. With his intelligence, he wouldn’t use this strategy if it was going to fail. Their hideout place must have been discovered.

The black eyes, once again, swept through the confidential letter on the floor. The voice replied, “According to Yang ZhiLan, she wanted me to give up without fighting back and let Su Ling escort me back to the capital, helping her to frame Lou Xi Yan?” He couldn’t make himself trust this woman. If he was caught, he afraid she wouldn’t help his people. This would be a worse situation.


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  1. thanks!
    happy three months’ anniversary! -gives cakes-
    hm, they were told of su ling’s plan…why is the empress dowager..?! -backs away- you know what? i don’t want to know—-!

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