A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-12

You could never know what people with such a way of thinking would do next. He was indeed a difficult and straightforward opponent.

Leng Xiao brought thousands of soldiers to push the fuel and Sulphur to the highland. Looking over, Su Ling already knew Gu Yun’s intention. “You want to lure them to discharge their water reservoir and then strike again?”

“En.” Gu Yun didn’t need to explain more and just casually nodded.

“General, we have lit the fire.”

As a small soldier reported, everyone’s head looked over. Not far away, there was smoke everywhere. Gu Yun asked them to burn the crown of the tree, so the fire quickly spread. From far, it looked like a black and red dragon flew in the air.

Not seeing Yu Shi Jun and the other soldiers returned, Su Ling urgently asked, “Where are Yu Shi Jun and the others?”

Gu Yun silently watched the fire raging in the forest and didn’t seem to bother to answer. Leng Xiao stood behind Gu Yun was also indifferent. Understanding Gu Yun’s arrangement, Luo Yan stood forward to explain to his Great General, “General, rest assured. According to Miss Qing’s arrangement, they should have climbed up to the trees now and won’t be washed away by the water.”

Su Ling’s eagle eyes slightly narrowed, coldly observing Gu Yun’s indifferent face. His heart knotted, but he couldn’t do anything to her. After all, she had done him a great favor!

Waiting for a while, the fire was blew by the wind towards the north area, slowly burning. Although it was slow, the fire was getting bigger. Gu Yun was doubting herself, was she wrong again?

Suddenly, a huge collapsing sound was heard coming from the north. The sound was really loud, Gu Yun felt the ground beneath her was shaking.

From the direction where they heard the sound, more-than-10-feet-tall waves roaring from upstream. The big tall trees were shaking violently. In addition, many thick tresses were uprooted, washed down by the waves. Seeing the potential impact of the water flow made people on the highland break into cold sweat. Comparing to the water’s volume, the fire was very weak helpless and small. It had been extinguished in seconds.

After half an hour, the rushing water gradually slowed down. Although it was slowed, the water depth was still over 1 feet. They needed to wait for the water to flow out, then launched the second attack. From the water, numerous black specks were appearing quickly.

“What is that?” Gu Yun squinted her eyes. After it was close to the vicinity, she could only clearly see the black specks were men!

“Reporting!” The small soldier’s voice sounded a little bit hasty, “General, there are many of rebels in the water and they will soon be in our defense territory!”

There were 3000 people flowing with the water. Su Ling slowly raised his hand, coldly ordered, “Shoot the arrows.”

“Yes.” Following his orders, long arrows were shot into the water, aiming at the defenseless rebels. However, the stream was very wide and unfortunately, there were rebels at a further area that were not in the shooting range. They could only watch them drift away.

“Luo Yan, lead 3,000 elite and go to the lower section to intercept the flow and apprehend the escaping rebels.”


“Leng Xiao, you go and arrange the soldiers. After the water receded, burn the mountain once again.”


Su Ling orderly arranged everything. Gu Yun was happy to be idle and her eyes were wandering around. Inside the clear water, a touch of green figure caught her attention. The green color was extremely eye-catching, it was hard to miss.
Gu Yun hurried looked towards that green shadow, focusing her eyes. It was her indeed!

19 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-12

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  2. I hope that Tarzan -girl don’t cause trouble between SL and GY. SL just too cute.
    I really missed a kiss when they were in the tent.
    I like this story very much . Thank you


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