A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-1

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This site is officially 3 months old (*Dance*). Thank you for all of your support from the beginning of this blog. It’s been a really amazing learning experience for me translating Chinese (I never knew I could do this). There had been approximately 6 chapters (over 30,000 words, it is even lengthier than my minor thesis hi hi hi), over 45,000 visitors, and 350,000 views! What an enormous number! I didn’t really expect this. Of course, I couldn’t do this without many people behind the scene so  I especially want to thank Remy who has been editing my messy translation and make it better. Also, my Chinese friends, who had been very accommodating when I asked bunches of questions. At last, I also would like to welcome Lynn who had co-edited this chapter 🙂 She will be joining us as an editor. As an (early) valentine gift and anniversary gift, we are releasing the entire chapter 15! Enough with the formalities, let’s go to the juicy part!





The originally dark cave was lit with several bonfires. The fire shone across the entire cave. Dozens of men who held steel knives gathered around a man in his early thirties. Under the light from the fire, the man’s eyes looked cold. Both of his hands were on his back. He was very calm. A faint smile was on his mouth, looking at the dark figure in the cloak.

Under the cloak, the man’s face was unseen. Although that was the case, Yu Xiang could still feel a pair of cold observant eyes scanning him. This was the third time he’d met this mysterious leader, yet he hadn’t been able to see his true identity, except his name was Mu Cang, his status was high in the tribe, hence no one would try to defy him but most of them knew nothing about him.

The two men were staring in silence. Yan Ge impatiently asked, “Yu Xiang, our relationship with Empress Dowager Xi was ended after King Hao died. What is your purpose of coming here?”

That year, the chief collaborated with them because King Hao’s promise to return Pei city’s peripheral area to them so that they would have a simple and independent life like their grandparents did. Who knew King Hao would fail and instead, he was sentenced for treason and beheaded. In these three years, Empress Dowager Xi didn’t dare to mention the gold. However, did she regret it now?!

Yan Ge was rude, but Yu Xiang didn’t hold a grudge. His face only showed a calm smile. He took out a confidential letter from his sleeve and looked at the figure who was wearing a black robe on the other side. Yu Xiang smiled, “This is a secret letter from Empress Dowager. It wouldn’t be late if leader look at it first before we discuss.”

His relaxed face looked dazzling. Mu Cang secretly wondering, how could Yu Xiang look so self-confident. Gently raising his hand, the young dude beside him walked to Yu Xiang’s side, took the letter and respectfully handed it to Mu Cang.

Opening the letter, Mu Cang started to read it. As he read, his facial expression became darker and darker. His eyes momentarily looked violent. Without smiling, he snapped close the letter and threw it aside. He sarcastically smiled, “Yang Zhilan wants me to return the gold to her? What kind of ability does she have to set conditions with me now?!” She thought she was the master and the others were her slaves/minions, moving according to her will?!

Addressing the empress dowager by her name was a taboo. Mu Cang was really being disrespectful. However, facing a group of barbarians, Yu Xiang knew a slightest mistake would not only destroy the Empress Dowager’s reputation, even his life would not be protected. Secretly took a deep breath to calm his mind, Yu Xiang smiled, “Chief, you have misunderstood the intention. The Empress Dowager didn’t want to set conditions for you. She was actually helping you and your tribe to escape death.”

Asking them to hand over the gold wasn’t shameless enough? Now, he had the audacity to say that he was helping them to escape death?! Yan Ge spat, “Pooh! King Hao has long died and it’s impossible for your Empress Dowager to honor the original promise. Now, she used such ‘dignified’ excuse to order us to do things for her? It was really well-played!”

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  1. Thank you Nutty for chapter 15 and thanks Lyn for volunteering your time to help edit the novel. Love the both of you and keep up the great work ladies!!!!!


  2. Thnks for the translation but aren’t you missing 14-8? I read through a few raws and i do remember a scene of her cursing Su Ling out after he said he’d take responsibility for fondling her.


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  4. political plot struggles, Empress Dowager is also involved

    congrats on the 3 months anniversary! Thank you Lynn, Remy and Nutty for all the hard works!!!


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