A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-11

Gu Yun shook her head and calmly arranged, “Don’t need to withdraw. I will go to find Su Ling and discuss the situation here. Deploy 1000 out of 5000 elites to ship out the fuel and Sulphur from here to the east side of the highland where Su Ling is. While the others continue to spread the Sulphur and fuel. However, don’t spread it on the ground but climb on a tree, and spread in on the crown of the tree. When you ignite the fire please be careful. Once you ignite the fire, retreat at least 3 miles from here and let the soldiers climb onto big trees. Once the water is down, prepare the second attack!”

“Yes!” Yu Shi Jun immediately deployed the soldiers. Gu Yun asked Leng Xiao to lead the transfer of fuel. She herself went towards Su Ling.

At the highest point, a small soldier stood there with an extraordinary eye power, observing the surroundings. Looking at a group of people coming towards here, he immediately raised the alert. After a careful observation, he went to Su Ling and reported, “Reporting to General, thousands of frontline elites moving towards here.”

Putting down the water map, Su Ling looked up. His brows were tightly knitted together. With a frightening low voice, he asked, “Who is the leader?” Yu Shi Jun didn’t follow the original strategy! He wasn’t someone who casually dared to disobey military orders. What was actually happening?

“It is…” After a moment of hesitation, the small soldier replied under Su Ling glare, “It is Madam.”

Qing Mo? Su Ling secretly startled. She was with Su Ren’s team. She suddenly came to find him. In addition, she brought elites back. Su Ling secretly had guessed: the matters had changed.

Soon, Gu Yun reached the highland. Su Ling welcomed and asked her, “What is happening?”

Gu Yun who had been secretly worried found herself relieved. She originally thought that after last night’s matter, if she brought his elite back would make him think that she deliberately gave him trouble or wanted to get revenge. That seeing her would make him angry. She didn’t think she would find him calm. She had originally mentally prepared herself to argue with him. Secretly, she admired his attitude.

Comparing to her attitude this morning, Gu Yun’s tone was much softer, “The water in the south branch of the stream has been reduced. I suspect they cut the flow to make a dam, gathering water to counter the fire attack. Once wet, the Sulphur will be completely useless and the water will wash away the fuel on the ground. In addition, it will make the soil damp, at that time you will be at a disadvantage.”

She said ‘you’? Su Ling wasn’t happy when he heard it. Before, she said ‘we’ and he was also unhappy. He didn’t really know what he did want! Grabbing his thought, he decided not to think about her anymore. He had thought about it last night and still didn’t have a clue.

Not far from highland, there was also a river. The rushing sound of water was not the same as usual. Both of them looked at flowing stream, lost in a thought. That rebel’s leader’s action could be looked forward. He could actually think about a dam, showing that he had been paid close attention to Su Ling and Lou Mu Hai’s movement. In addition, they cut the flow from other branches of the stream. The aim was to make Su Ling and the others unsuspicious.


6 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-11

  1. thank you!
    oh! it’s great that he really trusts gu yun! -nods head- he knows that she’s a person who would separate important non-personal matters from personal matters! that’s great! he acknowledges her ability, nice! yay, mutual admiration—!
    lol, su ling, you… whichever word makes you unhappy! how difficult!
    those rebels sure are cunning, though! anyway, someone gave them information, hmph!


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