A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 15-10

Gu Yun held Han Shu’s shoulder to stop him and calmly said, “You guys continue to the gold hiding place. I will go to find Su Ling.” Even though she wished to never see Su Ling again, she was aware of the priority. This time was definitely not the time to be impulsive. The gold was the main purpose of today’s operation. Han Shu is unfamiliar with the rainforest’s topography. If he suddenly changed his path, finding Su Ling wouldn’t be an easy task.

Su Ren looked at Gu Yun again and nodded, “This is much better!”

Gu Yun dispersed from the Su Ren’s team and ran towards the east. She was anxiously looking at the sky (to predict the time). Underneath layers of green leaves, the sky was still blue and there was no trace of smoke. It looked like they haven’t ignited the fire. Two hours later, she smelled the faint odor of Sulphur and fuel. She was glad that she didn’t go to the wrong direction and fortunately still managed to arrive on time.

Moving forward, the smell of fuel and Sulphur was more concentrated. Pretty soon, Gu Yun could see a wall of people. Everyone was pushing carts of Sulphur and fuel, spreading the on the ground. The trees were everywhere and the smell was so strong that it could make people breathless. Gu Yun’s eyes were almost tearing because of the smell. At this time, Leng Xiao who was not far from there noted her and quickly welcome her, “Boss?”

Covering her nose, Gu Yun asked, “Where is Su Ling?”

“At the east of highland.” Squinting her eyes, the so-called highland was a five-mile-away slope. The ground was much higher than its surrounding, indeed a good place to avoid the flood. Gu Yun continued to ask, “Yu Shi Jun?”

“At the front, I will go to call him.” He didn’t ask why she was here. He quickly volunteered to help her find the person. Gu Yun smiled. Months ago, they were still fighting wits with her. Now they could form a good team.

In less than half an hour, Yu Shi Jun and Leng Xiao came side by side. Seeing Gu Yun, he hardly suppressed his surprise. Yu Shi Jun asked, “Ma… Miss Qing, why you are here?”

Gu Yun explained, “I suspect the rebels intercepted the upstream water and made a dam. Once you light the fire, they will immediately open the gate. At that time, the fire attack will be useless and also water will wash away soldiers, messing with the formation and soldier’s morale.”

Yu Shi Jun was surprised. Seeing the busy soldiers, it would be chaotic if the rebels really use water attack. All of their efforts would be useless! This raid was bound to fail! “What can I do? Without a military order, I cannot withdraw troops.” Despite his trust in Qing Mo, at the end of the day, there were military rules!


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