A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-8 (From other source)

Sorry for a bit of a mess. Someone brought to my attention that there is another chapter part of chapter 14 that wasn’t included in my source. I think it was because it contained an adult content so it got censored out. Be Warned! Get a tissue ready, in case you have a nose bleeding while reading this part. Please pardon my translation, I did it really quickly today and steamy scenes weren’t my forte 🙂 This part was edited by Remy 🙂 *Steamy~~~ I think this should PG rated :).

Having a cold shoulder, Gu Yun quickly covered her chest from being exposed so openly. She now regretted not wearing the cloth bundle earlier.

Under Su Ling’s determined eyes, he definitely did not let her escape. His big hand grabbed her thin wrist. Gu Yun defended her chest more anxiously. Both people were competing with their hands. Su Ling silently cursed, how could this woman have such an enormous strength. He caught her hand and forced her to a corner. Her hands were starting to feel numb, and eventually she was unable to compete against Su Ling’s enormous strength. Both of her hands were held behind her. Gu Yun, only wearing underwear (traditional Chinese underwear with the halter neck) and torn clothes, stood in front of Su Ling. Not knowing whether she was angry or ashamed, Gu Yun’s entire face was red.

Under the dim light, she was like a blooming flower. The thin underwear was pressed to her body, up and down, following her breathing. Su Ling stopped breathing for a second. He felt the hot blood rushing through his chest, making him almost forgot what his aim was in coming here. Recovering from his thoughts, Su Ling looked at the right chest. There was only the smooth white skin without a word. Su Ling’s eyes became colder; she really wasn’t Qing Mo?!

Although her hands were clamped together, Gu Yun wasn’t willing to be controlled by others. She kicked Su Ling’s lower abdominal area. Su Ling gasped. Damn it!

Su Ling moved forward. The lower half of his body pressed against Gu Yun’s leg, trapping her between the corner of the tent and his body. Now, it was even difficult to raise her knee/leg. Gu Yun continued to struggle. At this time, Su Ling noticed along with her wriggling, the white skin of her right chest gradually reddened. Recalling Mu Yi’s words, Su Ling grabbed both of Gu Yun’s hands with his left hand, while the free right hand stroked her delicate right chest. The smoothness and warmth in his touch once again made Su Ling’s eyes flash. Some parts of his body weren’t obedient…

Gu Yun’s entire body stiffened.


H–he, he, he… He actually…

With both her hands and legs immobilized, the angry Gu Yun didn’t care anymore about her image. She mercilessly bit his closest shoulder!

“Ah…” His shoulder was in pain. Su Ling angrily looked at the furious cat-like woman. He couldn’t help but wanted to laugh. The thought of her identity made Su Ling’s face appear solemn. His callous cold thumb gently rubbed the skin on her chest. Under his constant rubbing, the blush becoming more apparent. Slowly, a word appeared. Su Ling’s eyes slightly flashed. He squinted his eyes, glaring at the piece of delicate skin. Soon, the small bloodshot word appeared clearly. That word was… “Mo”!

Seeing the “Mo” word, Su Ling’s heart burst in ecstasy. She was indeed Qing Mo! She was not an imposing spy! Once again looking at the woman who had firmly bit him, refusing to release, Su Ling said, “Little cat, have you bitten enough?” She really liked to bite people. The first time they met, she also bit him once. However… Her actions were still really cute.

His low voice had a trace of laughter. He was really comfortable, ah!! As her mouth tasted blood, Gu Yun released her bite. Compared to Su Ling’s good mood, Gu Yun really wanted to murder somebody now. She roared, “Scumbag! Haven’t you touched enough?!”

Su Ling’s hands suddenly paused. It was not like he never touched a girl. However, he didn’t know before…  how a woman’s body could be this warm and delicate… Gradually removing his hand, he was still dazed.

As his hand slightly loosened his grip, Gu Yun took the opportunity to break free from his ‘jail’. Both of her hands struck his already bleeding shoulder. Taking advantages of his backstep, Gu Yun kicked his lower abdomen twice.

As his shoulder and abdomen were simultaneously hit, Su Ling was forced back five steps. His shoulder was damp. The sharp pain reminded him of the tragic consequences of forcefully plucking a thorny flower.

Gu Yun had grabbed the black clothes on the bed. Under the dim light, her hair looked messy. The blush on her face hadn’t faded. Her eyes were full of rage, furiously glaring at him. It looked like if he once again stepped forward, she would risk her life to fight with him


Su Ling’s black pupil once again looked at her for a while, then he turned around and walked towards the door. Opening the curtain, Su Ling’s footstep stopped. With his back facing Gu Yun, his voice was still cold but held a hint of discomfort, “I will take responsibility!”

Gu Yun’s brain almost exploded from rage. She loudly shouted, “Who the hell wants you to take responsibility? Leave me at once!”

In the middle of the night, this kind of roar left things to people’s imagination…

Therefore, in the army campsite, people said that last night Madam had been ‘eaten’ by the General. It looked like it was not gentle enough so the madam threw a tantrum…

A breeze welcomed Su Ling who had just exited Gu Yun’s tent. Su Ling’s disturbed heartbeat didn’t slow down but jumped more violently. Subconsciously, he looked at his left hand and once again became lost in his thoughts…

“Hey… It is just a body check. Did you really need to be so fierce?” In the darkness of the night, the red-clothed enchantress Mu Yi looked at Su Ling’s bleeding shoulder. His face was clearly filled with a gloating expression.

Both of Su Ling’s hands were on his back, pretending he didn’t see this man who mocked him. Just when their shoulders were about to collide, Mu Yi with a pretending-to-be-sad-voice said, “Destroy the bridge after crossing? (过河拆桥啊 Idiom, it means Abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal) If it wasn’t because of me, you wouldn’t have an excuse to strip someone’s clothes, ah! You had the opportunity to have a soft fragrance and warmness (温香软玉, idiom, means feminine charm) in your embrace, so you should be grateful to me, ah!”

“Get away!” The ‘soft fragrance and warmness’ phrase made Su Ling’s face suspiciously dark red. His footsteps became faster.

Did he have blurred vision or did that person just blush earlier? Although Su Ling had left for a long time already, Mu Yi still stood there, stupefied. Was this the so-called embarrassment? The rock has finally started to have emotions… Tonight’s dark sky really stirred up people’s feelings…

For a long time, Mu Yi’s eyes looked towards Gu Yun’s tent with a complex expression. Judging from Su Ling’s attitude, that woman was indeed Qing Mo. But then, why was he not be able to dig out her past life?!


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  2. Thank you very much!
    Ah, i see…i was wondering about it…so that’s what happened. I was suspecting there was going to be some screaming, that would make the soldiers suspect things, rofl! Lol, su ling so happy that she is really qing mo! No more doubts now—!

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  3. Hehehe… it’s cute not as cheezy like empress with no virtue. With both of them being shy together i want to read the 4th book now too which is about their daughter’s adventure. I hope it will be translated too.

    Thanks for the update always


  4. Nutty, how can you missed such a streamy scene. Thanks Remy for the editing. The part where he’s stroking her chest. I’m assuming he was touch her mountain right ahahaha


  5. if Gu Yun know that Mu Yi is the culprit behind this.. I can’t imagine what will happen to him after this. hahahha. I feel pity for Gu Yun. that bite and kicked serves him right. but this ‘eople said that last night Madam had been ‘eaten’ by the General. It looked like it was not gentle enough so the madam threw a tantrum’ amused me. 😀 😀 silly me I just contradicted myself. *sigh*

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