A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-7

Damned man!

Gu Yun almost ruthlessly swung her hand to slap him. However, her brain told her to calm down. It wasn’t worth getting angry over such a thing. Calm down! After taking a deep breath, Gu Yun coolly said, “I don’t have a word on my chest. If you think I’m not Qing Mo, then you can put me in prison. You don’t need to employ such a dirty trick!” Her hands formed fists while her voice was shaking with rage. She swore, if Su Ling still dared to talk nonsense, she would mercilessly slap him.

The heaven blesses… Su Ling didn’t say any nonsense, because… he directly took action.

“Excuse me.” Saying such words, Su Ling’s big hand caught Gu Yun’s right shoulder. Though she, herself, had said that she didn’t have the word on her body, he couldn’t easily believe that this woman had been fooling around all along. In order to know the truth, tonight he must personally see it.

Her shoulder sank. Gu Yun was surprised. Don’t say he wants to take an action!

“Bing…” knowing she wasn’t his opponent, Gu Yun wanted to summon Bing Lian. Who knew that when she about to call, a red flash appeared. Su Ling’s Chi Xue sword was standing in front of Bing Lian. Bing Lian could also feel a weird atmosphere and wanted to fly over to Gu Yun. However, regardless of where it went, Chi Xue dutifully stood in front of it. Bing Lian was also angry and flew to fight with Chi Xue. The sparks came because of their battle.

What a great Su Ling?! He came well prepared! Even though she wasn’t his opponent, she wouldn’t obediently give in!

Looking at his injured shoulder, Gu Yun was resolute. She heavily hit his shoulder. As long as he let her go, she could use the opportunity to retreat behind the bed, hence, she wouldn’t be forced by him to the foot of the bed. Who knew that Su Ling could endure it?! Not only did he not stop, he also grabbed her shoulders firmer. The sound of tearing fabric was heard. Gu Yun’s black outerwear was heavily torn in half.


45 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-7

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    • Well technically Qing Mo was the one who correctly was sent to the general manor, but since Gu Yun (modern soul) got into Qing Mo’s body, you could say that….


    • I release in batch. I used parts because I forced myself to translate at least 500 words a day (one part). As I am a very disorganized person, I need to set up a daily goal, so I won’t be slacking. One chapter a day is simply too much.


  2. Hmmm…I thought he applied acupuncture to her so I would assume he can’t fight much but that does not seem to be the case. The story is getting interesting now that they are finally together.


  3. Maybe people will misunderstand the situation and think they were doing it (rough) hahaha
    Then Gu yun will be called “sister-in-law” or “madam” mercilessly again

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  4. oooo my…
    “The heaven blesses… Su Ling didn’t say any nonsense, because… he directly took action”
    pffft.. wkwk so funny, can’t wait for the next chap..
    btw Happy Chinese New Year !!
    thank you for translating, u can took ur time to translate, we’d always waiting for u hehehe

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  5. Well, the cliffhanger make me go crazy all day long. Thankfully we have Google translate, even if the quality cannot be compared with real translation, but at least now i have glimpse idea of the next chapter. Can’t wait for the next part.


  6. I thought she was only in her inner clothes. Are they black too? And doesn’t she need to get “acupuncture” every 7 days or else her “illness” reoccurs?


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