A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-6

Gu Yun was stunned for a moment but quickly recovered. She withdrew her hand. Although he was not very good at bandaging, his work was still better than Gu Yun’s singlehanded work. Gu Yun secretly wondered about the reason Su Ling came to find her. A quick movement pained her, “Ouch…” Su Ling mercilessly hit an acupuncture point (结). Gu Yun softly cursed, damn it! She knew he didn’t have a good intention. It was so hurtful!

Hot glaring eyes met a pair of deep cold eyes. Su Ling icily asked, “Who are you?”

“What?” For a moment, Gu Yun didn’t understand his meaning.

“Qing Mo was timid and docile. Moreover, she doesn’t know martial art, so who are you?” The voice wasn’t loud, but every word was compelling. Gu Yun finally understood that he came here to interrogate! If she wasn’t Qing Mo, what did he want to do?

Gu Yun slowly stood up, standing face-to-face in front of him and aggressively asked, “You really want to say that I’m not Qing Mo but an imposter sent to infiltrate your camp, right? In your heart, I helped you save Han Shu, train the elites, and draw the maps to gain your trust. Then, I will send a report to the other side, right?” Every one of Gu Yun’s word was ended with ‘right’. This seemed like it was pointing out how ungrateful Su Ling was.

Su Ling icily answered, “Personally, I don’t really think that you are a spy. However, as a military commander, I cannot allow anything that might have a risk to threaten my army. I’m coming tonight to verify whether you are Qing Mo or not.” He was clearly aware of all those things she did for Su army in his heart. However, he must find out who she is tonight!

Gu Yun lost her humor. He said as a general he was responsible for the entire army. This reason she could understand, but to verify? How could he verify? With her arms crossed in front of her chest, Gu Yun icily asked, “Even if I said I am Qing Mo, you will not believe it. How are you going to verify it?”

Su Ling suddenly didn’t speak. His head was slightly lowered. It was unclear what he was thinking. His back was facing the lamp, so Gu Yun couldn’t see his facial expression and didn’t know that at that moment the cold and arrogant great general’s face was a bit dark red. After a while, just Gu Yun was getting impatient, she heard his cold awkward voice mumble, “The Qing sisters’ chests were tattooed with their first name.”

“Then?” Gu Yun frowned. Chest… Tattooed word… Gu Yun’s brain was about to explode. Don’t say he means to…


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