A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-5

Tomorrow was the day of the raid. As a general, he was responsible for the entire Su Army. He definitely couldn’t afford to have a person of unknown identity staying on his side! The tall and big figure rose up and exit the tent.

“This is very late, where are you…” The voice wasn’t loud, but if people listened to it carefully, it wasn’t hard to detect the mockery in the words.

Tonight’s sky was really sultry ah.


The army was facing a water shortage, but Gu Yun wasn’t willing to bathe (open air) in the river. Therefore, she could only take a bucket of water and wipe her body in the tent. Her body was covered with mud and dirt. After ‘washing’, Gu Yun took off her black clothes. This era didn’t have a bra, so she wrapped her chest with a bundle of fabrics. This made it more convenient to run and fight. It was already late in the night, so she put aside the bundle and only wore inner-clothes (肚兜儿, apron-like inner-clothes) then a black outerwear. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, she put on medicine.

Her hand injury was getting better. However, a whole day staying in the humid rainforest forced Gu Yun to put on more medicine to prevent infection. Rolling the sleeves up to her shoulder Gu Yun gently unwrapped her bandage. Some blood was oozing from the wounds and stuck onto the dressing. To take out the gauze quickly, Gu Yun gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and pulled the gauze with force. She painfully grimaced. At this time, the tent’s curtain was rudely opened and a big tall figure came in.

Gu Yun was surprised. Her hands quickly grabbed the knot on her waist. Luckily, although the outerwear was loose, it was still covered the things that needed to be covered. Gu Yun heavily sighed and coldly glared at the unwanted intruder, “Great General Su, didn’t anyone ever tell you to knock before entering someone’s room?”

Su Ling strode into the tent, coolly replied, “No one.”

Gu Yun was stupefied; the way he answered was really self-righteous! Okay then, the other person was a great general. At this moment, she only wished for him to leave and wasn’t interested in teaching him manners. Single-handedly holding the medicine bottle, Gu Yun used her teeth to open the cork. She mumbled, “What is your problem?  Just speak.” After you are finished speaking, please quickly leave.

The inside of the tent was very dark; there was only one bedlamp in front of the bed. A bloody gauze was thrown on the ground while several bottles and clean clothes were scattered on the bed. Her petite body was shrouded in the dim light and her hand was in an awkward position, sprinkling the medicine powder.

Su Ling’s face darkened. He was slightly annoyed. This woman didn’t look like a woman, only knew conceit. Su Ling’s face got uglier. His action was also rough (mannerless). Grabbing the bottle from Gu Yun’s hand, he brusquely sprinkled the medicine, took a cloth and silently helped her to bandage her wound.


7 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-5

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  2. thanks a lot!
    oh, he went ot her tent! eh—- gu yun has to bandage her own injuries….well, su ling decided to help her, ahaha! true, his status means he doesn’t need to use manners except with people of higher status, which would be very few.


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