A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-4

Su Ling frowned, “Don’t say that she kept a low-profile for the world to see.”

Mu Yi’s eyes were shimmering. Ling’s first response was not that Qing Mo in the military camp was a fake, but he thought it was her illusion to keep a low-profile? It looked like whether he realized it or not, Ling had fallen for the other person. Secretly laughing, Mu Yi sighed, “It is impossible for her to acquire the experience and ability that she has now from indoor by looking at several military books or punching several punches. It must be obtained through countless training. As far as I know, the third miss has always stayed within Hao Yue’s capital city.”

Listening to Mu Yi’s report, Su Ling was still unaffected, “Maybe she had something past adventures or encounters that other people were unaware of.”

Mu Yi laughed, his eyes were full of arrogance, “In this world, how can there be so many weird encounters that I cannot investigate.”

Although Mu Yi’s words were arrogant, they weren’t unreasonable. Su Ling pondered, “Do you mean that the Qing Mo in the camp is not the Third Miss Qing, but an imposter?!” He never thought of this possibility, but at this time, he didn’t have anything to refute Mu Yi’s reasoning.

“I didn’t say that.” Mu Yi said innocently. Under Su Ling’s chilling glare, Mu Yi laughed, “Truthfully, there is a simple and effective way to prove whether or not she is Qing Mo, thanks to your mother-in-law. However, the verification method is a bit ‘special’… not everyone can do it.”

“Stop talking around, and get straight to the point!” Mu Yi’s malicious eyes shone too bright. Su Ling was able to guess things that he would say would provoke people. It was probably better not to ask…

“Mistress Qing was Hao Yue’s famous tattoo artist. She had tattooed the three misses’ names on their bodies when they were one-month-old.  As long as you search for the ‘Mo’ word on Qing Mo’s body, you will be able to know whether or not she is the third miss. In addition, that tattoo is not a general tattoo; the tattooed word is not usually seen. It will only appear when there is a rise in temperature or emotion. The precise location is on the right chest. You don’t suppose… Looking at her chest while her temperature rises is not something everyone else can do?” Mu Yi deliberately raised his volume and slowed his speech when mentioning ‘temperature rises’. Su Ling’s face got darker as he listened while Mu Yi’s mood was getting better and better. Looking at Ling’s performance, he already knew that Ling has not ‘eaten’ Gu Yun. He was really a good person, giving Ling such an opportunity~~~

Su Ling’s complexion turned cold; he was silent for a long time. Not knowing what Su Ling was thinking, Mu Yi decided to be a ‘good person’ until the end. He pushed Su Ling, “Ling, if it were happening to other families, who she is doesn’t matter. As long as you find her pleasing, leaving her beside you to warm your bed isn’t a problem. However, you are a general. She has entered the military camp and received the love of your soldiers. If she isn’t Qing Mo but an imposter with bad intentions, it is possible that she is a spy the rebels sent to the Su army…”

The words didn’t need to continue, the meaning was already delivered. Looking at Su Ling’s expression, he satisfactorily shut his mouth.


13 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-4

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  2. thanks a lot!
    ah—! no, no! mu yi, how could you—-! lol, well, su ling already has feelings for gu yun! ….won’t he ask her first, instead of trying out that method?


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