A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-3

Gu Yun was still absent-minded. Han Shu and Su Ling were still injured. Su Ren looked at Su Ling and said, “It is getting late. Everyone looks really tired. Let’s conclude today’s meeting. Let’s continue to discuss the details tomorrow at Chen hour. What do you think Big Brother?”

Su Ling didn’t object and just nodded, “En.”

Gu Yun quickly rose from her seat. Not saying anything, she strode out. Su Ling didn’t even look at her. Su Ren secretly wondered: one was ready to sacrifice his body to save her, the other was using all her strength to help him. Wasn’t it suppose to be ‘The groom had affection, the bride also didn’t mind’? (郎有情,妾有意 It is a proverb I think, basically saying they supposed to have a loving relationship.) Looking at any perspective, why wasn’t the situation like that.

As everyone had retreated, Su Ling also prepared to go back to his tent when a red figure came in. Bringing a bright smile, Mu Yi observed Su Ling and said, “I just left for two days, yet you have been injured like this. Really… being a hero is no fun, especially a hero who saves…”

“Stop talking nonsense. Quickly vanish before me.” Su Ling had gotten used to Mu Yi’s ridicule. He was too lazy to reply Mu Yi’s mockery and just quickly put the water map in a wooden box behind the bookshelves.

Being completely ignored, Mu Yi wasn’t angry. He just sighed while walking towards the exit, “Okay… I’ve finally looked through Miss Qing’s family background after much difficulty… I was originally thinking to discuss that Third Miss Qing. Since you are not interested, it is better for me to walk out.”

Holding the wooden box, Su Ling turned around and coldly said, “Stop.”

The voice was not loud but if people carefully listened, they would find the voice was hinted with anxiousness. Mu Yi’s lips were curved. Not trying to keep Su Ling guessing, Mu Yi sat on a chair and happily said, “Qing Mo. Age, 15 years old. When she was five, she could write poetry. At 7, she could compose ballads. While at 10 years old, she had tied a chess match with the most famous chess master. This story was well-known throughout the country and even to neighboring countries. At her tender age, she possesses superb chess skills, together with the big sister’s zither and the elder sister’s paintings, they were known as Hao Yue’s Three Talents. However, she was timid, she was afraid to meet people and her body was very delicate.”

“Wait.” Su Ling coldly interrupted Mu Ling’s report. His eyes were full of doubt, “Are you sure you are talking about the Qing Mo that I know?” The first part was still possible, even though it sounded a little bit forced. However, the later part was really… timid and delicate? If Qing Mo could be called delicate and timid, in this world, would there be a bold and healthy woman?

Mu Yi had guessed that he would get this kind of response. He shrugged and replied, “The person I reported was the Third Miss Qing, the question of whether it is the same as Qing Mo in front of us is still unknown.”


6 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-3

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  2. thank you—-!
    oh, mu yi came back, huh? lol, su ling’s interested in her, haha! i see mu yi baiting him! well, it’s the same body, different soul…


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