A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-2

“Yes.” Su Ren didn’t advise him anymore and just received the order. He knew his big brother’s temperament. Saying more would mean nothing to him.

After listening for a lengthy time, Han Shu still didn’t hear Su Ling mention his name. Han Shu, as a vanguard, urged, “What about me?”

Su Ling dismissively said, “Your wounds have not healed yet. Stay at the camp!”

Han Shu quickly rose up and seriously replied, “General, these small wounds do not hurt me. Please let this subject lead a troop to the battlefield.”

His face showed insistence. His shoulders were tight, revealing a firm determination. Su Ling looked at him once again and finally said, “Okay, you follow Su Ren and transport the gold back.”

“Yes.” Han Shu’s mood was very good.

They’d spoken for quite a long time here, but Gu Yun was always silent. Su Ling had thought she was still angry. However, looking more closely, it appeared that she wasn’t paying attention to what they have been talking about. Su Ling was a bit annoyed. Su Ren directly asked, “Sister-in-law, what do you think?”

After thinking for awhile, Gu Yun still decided to tell them about the woman she met earlier this morning, “Today, I met an extraordinary woman in the rainforest who is a good martial artist. She is extremely familiar with the rainforest environment. She appears to be a local, who has been living there for quite a while.”

A woman? “She might be the rebel’s leader’s lover.” Han Shu could only think of this possible scenario. Why else would a woman appear in the wild rainforest for no reason? In addition, she was also familiar with the topography.

Thinking about their short encounter, Gu Yun shook her head, “It is very unlikely! She emitted an arrogant aura, completely unlike a woman who could be someone’s pet.”

Pet?! Several men looked at her again. This woman’s thoughts were very unusual.

Gu Yun was still caught in her thought, so she didn’t care about their expressions. She continued, “My main point is, if there are other people living in the rainforest beside the rebels, their existence could be a potential threat to us. Let’s say we burn the mountain; we will destroy their place to live. Consequently causing problems for the future.”At that time, even if they joined the armies together, she was afraid that even 30,000 soldiers of the Su army wouldn’t be able to handle it.

What Gu Yun said wasn’t impossible at all. The others in the room were silent. They had only focused on the rebels. Only at this time, something else was coming up? Who is the lady?

The original optimism regarding tomorrow’s operation was a bit sluggish. Su Ling firmly said, “Regardless of whether she is the rebel’s lover or a local, tomorrow’s fire attack will have to proceed. The army will only burn a small area of the forest. With the humidity of the rainforest, without fuel, the fire will burn out. As long as the army can do it quickly, within 20 hours the raid will end. Even if there truly are locals, by the time they find out about us and prepare their army, we’ll be leaving the forest.”

Su Ren nodded and replied, “Yes. If we don’t attack by tomorrow, we will have to wait at least half a month before trying to attack again. Then, we will pass the time limit that the emperor gave us.” Disobeying the emperor’s order is not something Su family could afford to do.

Her heart was still uneasy, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong. Gu Yun could only nod, “Okay then, we can only proceed like this.”


8 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-2

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  2. Why didn’t she tell them that this woman had a big ole snake on her body. Just saying she knows martial arts well isn’t saying why she was so disturbing. She was unlike the usual person you would meet seeming almost like a forest spirit or protector of the rainforest. Also the snake is important in case she is known, it would be an identifyer.


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