A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 14-1

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late update. Things were quiet messy last week: my cloning failed (again) and my laptop decided to give a final warning to find its replacement before it finally and fully retired (I’ve been ignoring its warning for quite a long time now). It had been with me for almost 6 years now. Everything is still good except, it is so slow and usually unresponsive. Any IT guy can help me solve the problem? Should I replace the part of my laptop or my laptop? I want to buy a new laptop/mac but as a student who fully depend on my parents, I can’t afford a new one (Unless, I got a big fat red pocket today. The chance is pretty slim, almost nil 🙂 ). Therefore, the translation progress is a little bit slower than usual. Remy also has a lot of things on her plate, so I plan to recruit another editor to edit my messy translation (Hihihi). Anyone interested? Anyway, no more complain for today, because today is Chinese New Year. Let’s forget all of the problems for now ;P.

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜新年 (Happy new year),万事如意 (Wish all things will be smooth this year), 身体健康 (Wish you a good health)!!!

As a ‘red pocket’ from me, I will release the entire chapter 14. Enjoy!


“Stop.” The emotionless voice behind her stopped her footsteps. Turning around, Gu Yun didn’t speak a word and just waited. Su Ling bluntly said, “Using the water map to deduce the location was your idea. How can you wash your hands now?”

Gu Yun was annoyed. When did she say she didn’t care anymore and washed her hands?! He didn’t even call her to join the discussion. She wasn’t that shameless to just break into a discussion she wasn’t invited to. Apologies, she wasn’t that cheap!

“Su Ling, you…” Icy eyes met a chilled glance, Gu Yun was about to explode.

Yu Shi Jun had sensed the smell of gunpowder and quickly said, “Yes, yes. It was originally  Madam’s idea, why don’t you participate in the discussion? Please take a seat!” What was wrong with this couple? Not fighting when they met would be as if they didn’t meet at all.

Gu Yun didn’t buy it and icily stared at that beautiful face. She stood at the entrance of the tent, exchanging glares with Su Ling. Su Ling was completely unhurt from being stared at like that and let her stare.

Su Ren softly chuckled, Big Brother obviously wanted the person to stay, yet he didn’t say any kind words. No matter how ‘unique’ and tough Gu Yun was, she was still a woman. Couldn’t he coax the other person? The atmosphere in the tent was bad. Su Ren looked across Su Ling’s bandaged shoulder, and his eyes brightened. He stepped forward and loudly exclaimed, “Please have a seat, everyone! We hardly managed to stop Big brother’s wound. The doctors had warned to be exceptionally careful so the wound won’t re-open.”

That pair of black eyes was still as aggressive as ever. However, his face was much better. She secretly gritted. On the account of saving her yesterday and his status as a patient, she bore it up! Walking back to the table, she pulled out a stool and sat down. Her face clearly displayed displeasure, but she still didn’t speak a word.

Fortunately, Su Ling also didn’t say any words to provoke Gu Yun. The group was finally able to sit in front of the table. As an advisor, Su Ling naturally took the lead. Pointing at the predicted location of the rebel’s hideout, he said, “Taking Lou Mu Hai’s words, there are at least 10,000 rebels here. Tomorrow, Lieutenant Yu will lead five thousand elites to first open the road and then set the mountain on fire. I will lead 20,000 elites to follow you from behind to surround the rebels’ den as the fire slowly approaches to prevent rebels from escaping.

Su Ren had personally seen how bad Su Ling’s injuries were. He anxiously said, “Big brother, you have injuries on your body…”

“Don’t worry, I know my limit.” Su Ling coldly cut Su Ren’s words. Su Ling continued, “The gold location is very accessible. You must lead 10,000 elites to surround from all directions. Don’t let them carry away the gold. Once you’ve found the gold, quickly take it out. At that time, I will arrange Lou Mu Hai to meet you.”


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  2. On your compy – Depends on where you live (country) and what kind of computer/laptop you want. Replacing laptop parts, especially old ones, often is uneconomical at best. Especially right now where there are options that are much cheaper (like the HP Stream PC for less than 200 dollars and has software worth more than the hardware installed on it @_@ ) and do enough.

    Don’t be fooled by the marketing, like “i5” or “FX series” or “skylake”

    Modern computers have reached “good enough” computing power a long time ago. Right now most of the improvements are in the area of efficiency, not speed. And even with that 2 generations ago (so a few years old laptops) were already easily hitting the 10 hour battery life standard (without extended batteries).

    Also, avoid Macs, please. You are literally getting less for your money. All that you are really spending on is the outside shell for something that looks better. It’s not worth it in terms of price-to-performance. (I know vanity is sometimes worth the extra money, but from the sounds of it you don’t have that amount of luxury money).

    Can you give more details on what exactly is going wrong with your computer? If your computer is throwing out warnings it could be just software errors, or your hard drive. The way to handle component failure is different in all cases, and without more diagnostic information I’m not sure we can really say what to do. The failed cloning usually means hard drive, but it could be something else too (I’ve seen motherboard/sata controller failures do similar things). Of course, the safest bet in ANY situation is to STOP using your computer and get a new one. I’m assuming also that since you’re attempting to clone the drive, you have a new hard drive ready to go.

    If so, one option would be to just install a new copy of Windows onto your computer. You can pay the 100 dollars, or find a grey-market key for like 15 bucks online.

    But 6 year old laptop… if anything I’d say your internal batteries are also too unstable to use anymore and may end up catching fire if you keep using it, so again, safest bet is to get a new computer.

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    • Mine was deep Inspiron 14 2009. It is just working slower than it usually is and sometimes it failed to save. For cloning bits, it is a gene cloning not an IT cloning. Hahahaha. Thanks for the info. What do you reckon is the best laptop? I need to use photoshop and some scientific analysis, so I need a laptop that can fulfill my requirement.


      • PCR cloning? Damn, that’s a real pain. Make sure your primers are fresh and your micropipettes aren’t contaminated. I once had a whole batch of transfection virus rendered useless because of that :/

        Anyway, if you want some photoshop and scientific analysis, you’d want to aim for something with a discrete GPU. To be honest, if you’re doing light work, none of this really matters, and a cheap laptop can do just as well as your old one, but I’m sure you want to step up, right?

        Probably the best choice is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJPQfWCuxAo for price to performance. The Cuda acceleration should be enough to handle any scientific render or program like a desktop grade machine, plus it has a trim option that comes with an i7 processor with 4 physical cores (8 total logical) to crunch through multithreaded problems.

        Furthermore – unlike most other laptops, the screen is IPS – this is VERY important for photoshop work, as the color accuracy is much better and will be much more vivid/true to life.

        http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-15-7559-laptop/pd?oc=dndnpw5716hr – 900 dollars, i7 (Gen 6, newest gen), 8gb ram (with empty slot for an upgrade), 1 TB HDD, GTX 960M.

        Basically speaking this is as good as you’ll get, all for less than 1000 dollars.

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      • MY PCR did work, it is just that stupid ligation, because my lab is quite poor that it can’t afford a better cloning system, so I had to digest and ligate the gene. Generating the transgenic will be coming soon (hopefully) when this cloning works (fingers cross). Thanks for the info. I only need to run muscle, clustal w2 and MEGA (It took a day when I did it in my computer while when I used imac at the lab it only took 3 hours). I just checked the price in aussie it is 1899 aud!!! OoO why the price differ so much?


  3. about the computer. It depends on whats broken. If for example its the hard drive thats broken, you could put Linux on a USB thumb drive and run your computer from there. If its not the hard drive thats the problem, then i dont know how to help. I never have had a laptop, desktop computers are cheaper and they are easier to fix if something goes wrong. Like for example, on my current computer i use a salvaged graphics card thats 9 or 10 years old…

    anyways, thanks for translating!

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  4. thanks a lot!
    i could be a backup proofreader!
    well, lol, su ling! such harsh words! please, can you just say you want her to stay? su ren, great job smoothing things out, ahaha!


  5. Banzai! It’s finally out. I think my eyes near rolled out of their sockets when I saw the updates. You the girl nutty. I’m an engineer but a terrible one at that so I won’t even give you my advice which would probably make things worse for you. What ever it is, keep us updated on your troubles.

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  6. thanks for the translation!!

    For the laptop, I’d advise that you’d buy a new one and let go of the one you are using hehe, since, sometimes repairing the laptop doesn’t usually work and you’d end up spending more when the problem occurs again, happens to me most of the time. Just look at the brighter side,new specs, and you’ll really feel the difference hehe! My laptop is asus i5, and I’m using PS CC 2015, there’s no problem when using it, and I also use other programs such as autocad, sketchup, and lumion (although I cant do animation using this ). Toshiba and I never had a good ending, we didn’t even reach a year before it gave up on me. Its hard drive was replaced and after that I had problems with the keyboard since some of the keys are not functioning, but my friend is also using toshiba which is somewhat okay, since they’re almost 3 yrs I think, but I still don’t feel good about toshiba after that. Acer and Asus are good, but I prefer asus more since, it more resilient to me. And acer is also good, and also a lot cheaper. I was looking for a laptop before and I saw an i7 acer with good specs and then I saw other laptops such i5 which is more expensive than that acer.

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