A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-4

All persons present shared a suffocating hot feeling. Many amongst them had experienced the most severe wars. Including the Gobi desert, they had faced many kinds of wilderness. In their hearts, the dense rainforest that sunlight could not enter, where big green trees were everywhere, would not be that scary. However, after personally entering the forest, they realised here was not any better than the desert. The air was suffocating and humid, making their body sweat non-stop. The slippery and wet ground underneath their feet soaked their feet with mud. Their steps and breath were becoming heavier.

After walking for half a day, they finally heard a flowing water sound. As they walked, a growing mist was observed. After a stick of incense, they finally entered their destination—the Crow’s Valley.

Most of them were battered and exhausted for a long time already. “Finally, we have arrived” echoed in all soldiers’ hearts.

Of course, this didn’t apply to three people amongst the troop. One was the red-clothed Mu Yi. Along the way, his feet often did not touch the ground. Therefore, of course, when all the other people were covered in mud, he was clean and shining overall. There was also the calm and cold Su Ling. His feet were covered with a little bit of mud, but he did not care. He was emitting an arrogant domineering aura, making people simply unable to a say a word that would embarrass him.

The other one was now leaning on a hundred-year-old tree beside the valley, with her feet covered with palm leaves, Gu Yun.

Leng Xiao and Liu Xing secretly wailed when they saw the palm leaves. Why did they not think about it before?! In the future, no matter what bizarre thing she did, they would just follow her example. Or else they would have to endure this kind of punishment!

Yu Shi Jun went towards the wall of the gorge and looked down. The water below flowed more turbulent than he thought. The thick watery mist made his head wet. He stepped back for a bit, reporting to Su Ling, “General, what madam said was correct, the water has filled the river. In addition, the currents are quite strong. It is impossible to travel through the river.” His words could not conceal his admiration.

Su Ling had not opened his mouth when Gu Yun had snapped out, “I’ve told you, you are not allowed to call me madam.” From the very first time she heard them calling her ‘madam,’ she had been unhappy. After telling them over and over, and now they began again. She did not want people to misunderstand that she was after the General’s mistress position. (This is just mean the highest position for women in the household)

“This…” Yu Shi Jun awkwardly glanced over to Su Ling’s side. The general’s face had darkened quite a bit. Did it mean he should not continue to call Mistress, mistress? Or should he continue? He was really unsure.


19 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-4

  1. thank you—!
    lol liu xing and leng xiao wailing that they should have followed gu yun’s actions! also, poor yu shi jun, stuck between a rock and a hard place!


  2. To think that they still haven’t figured out Gu Yun after those hellish weeks with her makes me think that they haven’t been trained enough yet. Well it’s good that they realize it now. 😏


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  4. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – that he thought -> than he thought
    – called her ‘madam,’ -> call her ‘madam’,
    – over Su Ling’s side -> over to Su Ling’s side


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